Get To Know World Cup Group D

This week we take a look at what Uruguay, Italy, England, and Costa Rica are bringing to the tournament.

With the World Cup just around the corner (OK, like a really big corner), we’ll be taking some time every Friday to investigate the best ball-kickers (it’s a technical term, don’t worry about it) of each World Cup group. Today, Group D!

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Led by EPL wonder-striker Luis Suarez, the team’s game against England will likely land the winner out of the group along with Italy. Suarez’s striker support will come through Edinson Cavani from Paris Saint-Germaine, who is no stranger to a pretty goal of his own once in a while. Uruguay made a strong showing in South Africa, but if they want to repeat their magic (and rob another Cinderella of their day), they’ll have to turn it on early.  


This is a strong group, but the Italians are most certainly the favorites to get out. Gianluigi Buffon is starting to get up there in age, but he’s still a stone wall (not to mention a stone wall with a World Cup title already under his belt). We know firsthand of the insane brilliance of Mario Balotelli, and for that reason alone, Italy needs to make it out of the group stage.


The Three Lions squad has been more in flux than your stomach after a week of eating double-fried British pub fare. Theo Walcott was injured in club play leaving a big hole in the already sparse lineup. However, the youth of England are starting to make themselves known. Guys like Raheem Sterling (filling up Walcott’s role nicely), John Stones, and Ross Barkley are making the country’s future very bright. Although, still bleak. Because, you know, it’s England.  

Costa Rica

Poor, poor Costa Rica. If they end up with a point at the end of this, they should consider that a win. 

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