Get Ready for the Gronkowski Animated Series You Didn’t Know You Wanted

And actually don’t really want at all.

If you’ve watched the above video, what you’ve just witnessed is the completely unanimated sizzle reel for the animated show that the Gronkowski family is shopping around Hollywood, leaked by Deadspin. It seems like Rob might be hedging his bets in regards to the 6-2 Patriots (two losses is apocalyptic in Belichick-ian), and his two brothers are likewise hedging their bets in regards to barely being football players. In the pitch, the Gronkowskis look to shake the meathead, party-boy, womanizing image that they’ve picked up by generally acting like meathead womanizing party-boys literally the entire time. Also, viewers should be prepared for everyone in the family to be talking about how great everyone in the family is, because apparently being world-class professional athletes doesn’t provide these guys with enough confidence.

We can only imagine the finesse that the editor of this video exhibited in order to limit the outright penis references to three. Well done, sir.