Get Your Claws on this Wolverine-Themed Dinner

A New York City chef is making an entire seven-course meal based on his love of Wolverine. Seriously.

Photo: Ben Rothstein/ Twentieth Century Fox

If you’re both a comic book nerd and a foodie, you’d be wise to listen up. David Santos, a New York City-based chef known for putting together elaborately themed meals, is taking his love for Wolverine from the movie theater to the kitchen. Timed to this weekend’s release of The Wolverine, Santos has constructed a gourmet, seven-course meal dedicated to the grumpiest and most indestructible of all the X-Men. Taking place on Monday, July 29th, at Louro, his restaurantin downtown Manhattan, the dinner costs $65 and is a hungry geek’s dream come true. Check out the menu below, then make a reservation. And don’t forget your Adamantium fork.

Cod fritters with smoked paprika aoli

Based on the fact that Wolverine can speak Portuguese.

Venison tartar

Inspired by when he was living wild in the woods of Canada.

Head-on shrimp served in a piri peanut sauce

It is said that Wolverine’s only weakness is cutting off his head – which is what they’ll do to the shrimp.

Polenta with basil pesto, fresh corn polenta, and poached egg

The green pesto represents his debut with The Hulk.

Roasted bone marrow and short ribs, Thai curry mussels, and rice crisps

Inspired by his legendary bone claws, which later become metal.

Poutine with chouriso and duck gravy

Is there a more famous dish from his Canadian homeland?

Devil’s food cake with malted Labatt pudding and Canadian whiskey ice cream

Inspired by Wolverine’s vices and his time in hell.

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