Get Your Vladimir Putin Riding a Bear Action Figure Right Now

If they know anything about global politics, your GI Joes will get nervous.

Vladimir Putin rides horses shirtless. On the internet, Vladimir Putin rides bears shirtless. Photoshop is a many-splendored thing.

But the meme of the Russian president saddling up a grizzly refused to stay online. Action figures of the world’s most masculine head of state riding a plastic bear have gone on sale in Moscow according to Radio Free Europe’s Robert Coalson, who reported on the phenomenon via Twitter. And they’re priced to move, the 4500 Ruble price tag has dropped to 2500 Rubles on the manufacturer’s website. That’s about $40, which would be a lot to pay for an action figure if that action figure wasn’t of Vladimir Putin riding a bear, which – let us reiterate – this one is.