Maybe Gillian Anderson Should Be The Next James Bond

A new Internet survey puts her on the short list.

Daniel Craig has not confirmed whether or not he will be retiring his 007 tuxedo, but he has confirmed that he has a pretty garbage attitude towards playing one of the coolest characters in pop culture history: Saying he would rather literally die than play the part again, and allegedly turning down a $100 million dollar paycheck to continue as James Bond.

But why try and convince a clearly ambivalent actor to take on the next incarnation of James Bond when there are plenty of talented people who could fill his shoes? Like, for example, Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, and Damian Lewis, who have all been suggested as new Bonds in the never-ending (and frankly exhausting) speculation about the future of the franchise, which has long felt a little bit stale.

But there’s a new name in the mix that could really be a welcome game-changer: X-Files star and all-around brainy babe Gillian Anderson, who responded to an unofficial internet survey that landed her on the latest shortlist with a tweet that expressed clear interest in becoming the new Bond.

Anderson, who is currently starring in a Streetcar Named Desire on Broadway, looks right at home in that mock poster. 

After all, who says Bond has to be in a tuxedo forever?