Girls of “One Tree Hill”

These hotties heat up One Tree Hill.

How does it feel to be a part of the whole young, hot Hollywood scene?
Danneel: Honestly, it feels like a nine-to-five job.
Hilarie: It’s nice, though, because we film our show in a really small, Southern town—Wilmington, North Carolina.
Sophia: We have normal lives. We’re not getting big egos out here like those people who are constantly chauffeured around and going to parties every night. A lot of the people in this business seem to think they’re entitled to extra-special treatment.
Hilarie: Film­ing across the country, I often feel like we’re underdogs—which I like. I’ve always rooted for underdogs. Hopefully, our work on camera speaks for itself, because that’s really all you ever see. There’s no Page Six in Wilmington!