Give It Up for This Guy Who Got Backstage By Changing a Band’s Wikipedia to Say He’s Family

Hey, it worked. 

We’ve all heard stories about the lengths people will go to in order to get backstage at shows, but the advance moves pulled by a fan of Australian band Peking Duk have got them all beat. At a recent show of theirs in Melbourne, David Spargo used his phone to change the band’s Wikipedia page adding one small (and false) detail indicating that he was related to a member of the band. After flashing the article to security, he waited nervously for a few minutes before being met by band member Reuben Styles, who brought him back to the green room area and gave him beers for his deceitful, but successful efforts. 

Spargo, who, ironically enough, works as a mental health practitioner in Melbourne, talked to The Guardianabout what prompted him to so such a thing saying “Peking Duk’s set finished and I was about to head home, then I just had a lightbulb-above-the-head kind of moment and thought, yeah, I’ll give it a crack. No harm in trying, is there?”

The band’s Wikipedia page has since been edited back, removing Spargo as a relative of the band, but adding the story of what he did to the “background” section of their bio. 

Photos by GC Images