The Glenlivet Tasting Kit

Because everyone deserves a little taste!

We’re pushing forward with Whiskey Month with a trifecta of delicious Scotches.

The Glenlivet is giving you an opportunity to enjoy their 12 Year, 15 Year, and 18 Year Scotches in this awesome tasting kit. 

Each one is special and unique, like your kids or something! The descriptions on the box read like a list of your exes. See what we mean:

The 12 year is the “the smooth and welcoming one.” As you can imagine, it’s sweet, inviting, and goes great in a hot cocktail… if you need one! 

The 15 year is “the rich and exotic one.” We think it’s full-flavored, boisterous, and is perfect on the rocks. Like your sassiest lady friend.

The 18 year is “the balanced and elegant one.” We like it neat and slow.

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