The Global Classic Cleaver is the Hacker You Want On Your Side

Cut through the bone.

We’re not trying to incite you into a Fatal Attraction-style rampage—just some Top Chefstyle chopping broccoli. Because—even if your meals don’t require the butchery of a whole hog—a sharp, heavy cleaver is a real asset. Bones, gristle, and tough cuts: you’ve met your match. The Global Classic Cleaver is forged from a single piece of Cromova 18 high-carbon stainless steel for ultimate strength. (Hack fearlessly.) The large quarter-inch edge means long-lasting sharpness, while the textured handle keeps the cleaver firmly in hand. Though, as with hammers, the weight of a cleaver adds power, the Global Classic comes in at just under a pound, so it’s not unwieldy. Or, forget function altogether and go decorative: hang this delicately-wrought knife on the wall and tell people you paid a few grand for it at auction. [$170;]

Photos by Global Classic