Go Behind the Scenes of “Gravity,” the Year’s Most Intense Flick

You’ll feel like a totally effed astronaut, and here’s how the filmmakers did it.

The early word is that Gravity, the George Clooney/Sandra Bullock-helmed tale of a space shuttle mission gone horribly wrong, is one of the best movies of the year. Directed by Oscar nominee Alfonso Cuarón—the man behind the bleak and brilliant Children of Men and the darkest Harry Potter filmGravity will make you feel like you’re floating up above the atmosphere like no film before it. As Cuarón puts it, “We wanted it to be an immersive experience, as if you’re sitting in the theatre but you feel as if you’re floating in space.” To achieve this, he not only filmed the movie in 3D, but he also utilized IMAX technology to its absolute fullest. Check out this “Behind the Frame” video to get a sense of everything that went into Cuarón’s attempt to make you crap your pants in the movie theater.

hits theaters October 4th.