Watch God Recruit Nicolas Cage to Kill Osama Bin Laden in ‘Army of One’ Trailer

Based on a true story, believe it or not.

Colorado ex-con and construction worker Gary Faulkner was in his early 50s when he claims God assigned him a mission: Go kill Osama bin Laden. So Faulkner gathered weapons including a 40″ sword and some hash, and headed into the wilds around the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. If that sounds like the beginning to one hell of a story, then who better to play the intrepid terrorist hunter in a dramatization than Nicolas Cage?

A heavily bearded Cage does indeed play Faulkner in Army of One, a comedy based on Faulkner’s true adventures hunting bin Laden in 2010. As the trailer demonstrates, we get a lot of everything we love about the Oscar-winner: balls-out eccentricity, wit, and even a dose of physical comedy. The film also stars Wendi McLendon-Covey, Rainn Wilson, and Russell Brand as God.

Army of One was directed by Larry Charles, a former staff writer for Seinfeld, but if scenes in which Cage’s Faulkner is riding a ridiculously small donkey tell us anything, there’s no Seinfeldian wry, ironic comedy about nothing going on here—Army of One looks straight-up bananas, and worth watching for yet another classic crazy Cage performance.

The “true” comedy begins a limited cinema run and is on Blu-ray as of November 4th. If you want to have Nic Cage film fest, wait until it becomes available on-demand on November 15th. It’s worth it for the beard and weird voice alone.