Thanks to HBO, You Can Watch a 7-Hour-Long Edit of ‘The Godfather’ Featuring Unseen Footage

‘The Godfather Epic’ sounds epic indeed.


Here are some things I like to periodically subject myself to so I have an excuse to lounge on my couch for a disgusting amount of time: an entire season of Vanderpump Rules in one day, all three Lord of the Rings movies in a row on TNT, and, of course, an annual re-watch of The Godfather trilogy. 

HBO is helping me mix up the last one with a 424-minute edit of The Godfather and The Godfather Part II; the films have been edited to run chronologically, with several scenes that were cut from the theatrical release jammed back in there. (Here’s hoping some of the cut footage includes the big vagina subplot from the novel.) 

Back in 1977, NBC aired a similar version, but with all the sex and violence edited out for TV (god bless HBO). But now, you only have until the end of January to watch it on HBO Now — don’t sleep on it. 

h/t IndieWire