This Gold PS4 Can Be Yours — Here’s How to Get It

It’s either incredibly easy or extremely painful, depending on your stomach.

Need a PlayStation 4? Need that crisp tang of a Baja Blast paired with a shredded chicken Quesarito? You’re in luck! Taco Bell is giving away a limited edition gold PlayStation 4 bundle every 10 minutes during its Big Box promotion beginning September 24th.

But how do you go about entering the contest, you ask? You need only gorge on Taco Bell at every meal, even if they continually get your order wrong no matter what time of day you visit. Just grab one of the Big Box meals and check the code you receive with the box to be entered into the contest. If you win, you’ll get a special gold PS4 with a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, as well as a voucher for a year of PlayStation Plus.

So, check this out. You can win a special edition PS4 that you won’t be able to find elsewhere (save from eBay) just by doing what you always do and hitting up Taco Bell because there’s literally nothing else open at 1 AM and cooking is a chore. Seems simple enough to us.