Goldberg on WWE Return: I'll Kick a Lot of Ass, Beginning With Brock Lesnar

Let's get it on.
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In an interview Tuesday night on ESPN's "Off the Top Rope" Sportscenter segment, WWE legend Bill Goldberg carefully answered questions regarding a possible return to the ring and re-match with Brock Lesnar. Ultimately, it ended up sounding a hell of a lot like Goldberg is indeed on his way back.

Ostensibly appearing to promote his part in appearing along with Brock Lesnar in WWE 2K17, Goldberg was asked by host Jonathan Coachman, "Could there be an in-ring return for Goldberg, as well?"

Goldberg's reply wasn't a firm no, which is more than enough for the diehard wrestling fan to feel he was being cagey. "I’ve been preparing to answer that question for 12 years," he said, "Look at me, Coach. I’m an old man, here, I’m 49 years old. A guy like Ric Flair at 49 can go out and do his character. A guy at 49 to go out and do Goldberg again? I don’t know what the odds are."

The one-time WWE superstar, who retired 12 years ago, seemed to work through his internal process for figuring out whether he should really do this thing as he spoke, saying in part that he wanted "the ability to be that guy again," but admitting "there’s a compromise there."

"To be that guy at 49 years old," Goldberg asked, maybe rhetorically, "do you risk losing your legacy?"

Goldberg also threw some fuel on the smoldering rumors that his return would be a Lesnar rematch, saying that even though there is "a plethora of people that I haven’t had the opportunity to kick their ass yet (...) I would be remiss in saying that I don’t owe Brock Lesnar a rematch. I think that if I ever came back, that’d be the match."

Goldberg, perhaps musing on his age again, did admit Lesnar would be a hell of a tall order. "Brock's a different human being," he told Coachman, "Matter of fact, he's probably not even a human being. He's like a superhero alien guy—big, strong, fast and mean. But I don't know, man, I beat him once."

As far as we're concerned, the subtext to the entire 'return' portion of Goldberg's interview was basically, 'yeah, just give me time to train up.' 

While as ESPN notes Goldberg's time with the WWE was problematic and the man himself said he hasn't "had a word with Vince McMahon" since he got out, it looks like something big is brewing. 

We'll damn sure be here for it when it hits.

h/t ESPN