This Golden Retriever Is Terrible At Catching Food

Since when do dogs have to work for their dinner?

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is an old chestnut with a lot of truth behind it. Old dogs don’t want to learn – they want to fart in their sleep and eat things you leave marinating on the counter and fight with other, larger dogs in the park that could totally annihilate them. In fact, no dog really wants to learn a trick. Take this poor pup named Fritz. All he wants is to partake in the lovely human foodstuffs – pizza, hot dogs, tacos – that his bipedal captors eat routinely. His owners know this but instead of handing them over, they force beleaguered Fritz to catch his food out of the air like a pedestrian circus animal. As it turns out, Fritz is bad at catching. Who cares, Fritz? Humans are worse. Bite the hand that throws a taco at you, Fritz. Bite it.