Rookie Golfer Grayson Murray Asked Lindsey Pelas to Be His Caddie If He Qualifies for the Masters

The thirst is real.
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Grayson Murray Lindsey Pelas

Grayson Murray is one ambitious young golfer. 

The 23-year-old rookie is currently currently struggling on the PGA Tour to qualify for the esteemed Masters tournament. But, based on some correspondence he's had on Twitter lately, his luck might be turning around. 

Murray tweeted at none other than blonde bombshell Lindsey Pelas recently and asked if she'd caddie for him should he make the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia this year. 

To the surprise of, well, pretty much everyone, the gorgeous model actually agreed. 

In another tweet, Murray said that this will give him the "motivation" he needs to win. 

Frankly, he's probably going to need a small miracle, because his poor performance at his last five tournaments has put him in an all-or-nothing position going in to the Houston Open. He'll have to win the whole thing to earn a spot in the Masters Tournament. 

But Murray's already a winner in our books. He's successfully courted one of the sexiest social media stars around, something that many athletes have tried and failed. 

You just can't count him out with a beauty like this cheering in his corner.

h/t: New York Post