Even Celebrities Are Obsessed With That App That Finds Your Art Doppelgänger

Google Arts & Culture suddenly has everyone thinking they’re Renaissance paintings.


Everyone on your social media feed didn’t just suddenly become an art historian.

They’ve all just discovered a new feature from the Google Arts & Culture app for Android and iOS, which allows you to snap a selfie and then track down which subject of a classical painting looks just like you (less informative but more fun than reading a book on Rococo). 

And let’s face it, posting your celebrity doppelgänger is plain crass and low-brow. Art doppelgängers are for a more refined selfie-snapping set.

That hasn’t stopped actual celebrities from joining in on the trend. Kate Hudson learned she looked like an 18th century English prince (we can see it) while Kristen Bell discovered she looked like an old Renaissance dude with a mustache (only Veronica Mars could make that look hot).

Here, 10 times celebrities looked like culturally and aesthetically significant works of fine art:

Kristen Bell

Kate Hudson

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Alyssa Milano

Amanda Seyfried

Sarah Silverman

Jake Tapper

Felicia Day

BoJack Horseman

Eric Lange