Goose Island India Pale Ale

One of the few things we can thank Chicago for…

A few things we can thank Chicago for…

The Second City, which gave us Chris Farley…and just about everyone else who ever made you laugh your ass off.

The Blackhawks, hoisters of two Stanley Cups in the past four years.


The Smith Westerns. Their song  “Weekend” is one of the most insanely catchy indie anthems of the past few years.

And the Goose Island brewery, Chicago’s prolific purveyors of craft beer. Check out and you’ll see what we mean. They make everything from light wheat ales to 13% bourbon-barrel-aged monster stouts.

The product we’ve been cracking lately, though, is the deliciously drinkable Goose Island India Pale Ale. It has all sorts of body and fruity, hoppy goodness, and at 5.9% it’s a bit lighter and thus more “sessionable” than a lot of IPAs. So go ahead and enjoy a few as you wind down summer at your next barbecue.

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