This GoPro Footage of a Freestyle Skier in Action Is Absolutely Bonkers

This is what happens when you mix nerves of steel with snow, dirt, and the spinning blades of a helicopter.

In the initial moments of this video, it doesn’t seem that there’s anything extraordinary about French freestyle skier Candide Thovex. The tricks start out small, the first being a perfectly executed 360. Impressive, but pretty standard for a professional skier. 

The next cuts shows a nice combo, as he hits a back flip over a huge jump transfer and then proceeds to nail a double back flip over an even bigger jump. Not necessarily amazing, but definitely awesome. 

Here’s where shit gets real. Thovex throws what looks like to be at least a 1080 (That’s three consecutive 360’s, we stopped counting once vertigo set it), but then he decides he doesn’t want to ski on boring old snow anymore, and takes it to wherever his heart desires: rock, dirt, through the open doors of a van, or over the spinning blades of a helicopter. We won’t spoil the ending, but you definitely won’t see it coming. 

Nice work, Mr. Thovex. Try to stay alive long enough to make another video.