Watch Gordon Ramsay Get Destroyed for Making Terrible Pad Thai in Viral Video

“This is not pad thai at all.”

Gordon Ramsay Pad Thai Promo
Left: Twitter

The famously dickish Gordon Ramsay got absolutely roasted for making “not pad thai” at an Asian restaurant, and the internet is loving it. 

The chef-based schadenfreude comes courtesy of resurfaced clip taken from an episode of The F Word. When executive chef Chang of London’s now-defunct Blue Elephant tastes old Gordo’s version of the traditional Thai street food, he ominously shoots him a blank stare and says, “What do you want to know from me?” 

Ramsay anxiously asks, “How is it?” to which Chang responds with an all-telling combination of a grunt and lip curl. 

Then comes criticism that’s way worse than any of the colorful obscenities the British chef yells at Hell’s Kitchen competitors. 

“This is not pad thai at all,” Chang says. FAIL

The clip received over 150,000 likes as Twitter users ate it up.

It suffices to say that this is one dish we probably won’t be seeing on the menu at any of Ramsay’s Michelin-starred restaurants. 

h/t: Bro Bible