Watch Gordon Ramsay Hunt, Butcher, and Eat a Cute Little Puffin

The celebrity chef also eats the tasty bird’s heart raw.

Puffins are adorable, fat-beaked birds that tend to live in cold climates like Iceland. That’s where Gordon Ramsay, the TV chef famed for his verbal savaging of hapless restaurateurs, went puffin hunting for his show, Gordon Ramsay’s F Word

In this 11:32 clip Ramsay takes viewers on quite a journey. We get a look at the beauty of Iceland, a forbidding place that has provided scenescapes for sci-fi movies—including parts of Star Wars: The Force Awakens—and we also get to watch Ramsay eat a puffin’s raw heart (about seven minutes in), as well as be bitten on his nose and have his bread stolen from him. 

Gordon Ramsay killing and butchering things should be its own show, as not long ago he posted another video of him hunting, butchering and cooking wild boar—which admittedly was a much more formidable foe than a puffin. Still, we’re sure that beak bite on the nose smarted a little.

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