Grand Theft Auto Online’s Latest Update Will Bring Order to Chaos

Don’t worry, you can still run around guns blazing.

GTA Online’s Freemode is a mecca for players who just wanna screw around, shoot up a few cars, and run over some dudes. But Rockstar Games aims to bring some order to this online chaos: the company is introducing Freemode Events, which will make an attempt at rounding up 30 players on the same server for more concentrated anarchy. And, you know, running over more dudes.

Events was created to bring a bit organized gameplay to Freemode, and they’re scheduled to hit on September 15th. But Events is no small alteration to GTA Online: it’s every bit as huge (if not bigger) than Heists and Jobs, offering brand new tasks that find you sharing the wide world of Grand Theft Auto with friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers as you work toward one unified goal.

Every 12 minutes, you can start a new Event in Freemode, which you’ll head out to on the map. There are 15 different activities to choose from, including Criminal Damage, where you and others compete to cause as much property damage as humanly possible (go for the gold by mashing up planes, trains, and automobiles.) Kill List finds players hopping into one designated vehicle to take out as many enemies as possible. Checkpoints is a raucous race across the entirety of the GTA Online map where players compete to capture as many different locations as possible.

The list goes on, but they’re all variations on themes you’ve seen in other games where large-scale chaos is the central focus.Events will be made available in a free update toGrand Theft Auto V that also includes the Rockstar Editor, which can be used to edit and splice together footage from the game to make your very own films. And if Freemode’s past adventures are any indication, you’re definitely going to want to take some Event footage to play around with.