Grand Theft Auto V Arrives on PC, is More Polished, Insane Than Ever

The streets of Los Santos have been spit-shined to a high polish.  From peyote-fueled transformations to mid-air hijackings, here are seven things to try when running around the city. 

Although “Grand Theft Auto V” originally launched on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in October 2013, the PC version is finally hitting stores.  This latest incarnation of the game, a title that stands as the most successful launch ever, ups the graphical ante and sheer mayhem of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions.  For those who have invested in a 4K TV or monitor, Los Santos comes alive like never before running at a full 60 frames per second.  You can experience every detail of this world, which varies from seedy strip clubs to breathtaking mountain vistas, exactly as Rockstar Games envisioned it – with those PC sliders pushed all the way to “high.”

Speaking of high, all the crazy things that Trevor, Michael, and Franklin could do in the next gen versions of the game, including ingesting peyote and staging mid-air roberies, remain intact.  They just look a lot better, and also can be played from the traditional third-person perspective or the new first-person perspective (which adds a whole new degree of challenge to everything from holding up liquor stores to hauling ass from the cops in a stolen tank).

The game also supports GTA Online, which has flourished on consoles over the past 18 months with regular updates and brand new weapons, jobs, Adversary Modes, and Heists to keep things fresh.  The Director Mode takes this a step further, allowing aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to create their own movies featuring characters and animals from the game world.  The PC has all this, plus the Rockstar Editor, which streamlines the process of capturing the crazy stuff you can do in Los Santos and sharing it with your friends on YouTube or the Rockstar Social Club. Here are some of the things you should seek out when running around Los Santos.