This Clip of a Crazed Chimp Throwing Poop at an Innocent Grandma’s Face Is Truly Oscar Worthy

It went apeshit. Literally.

It’s not the latest trailer for War for the Planet of the Apes; it’s far worse.

A new viral video captures an unassuming suburban family on a trip to the John Ball Zoo in Michigan, specifically to the chimpanzee pit. There, they came face-to-face with a seemingly cute chimpanzee, who was hiding a stinky surprise for Grandma.

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Without the slightest provocation, the chimp literally went apeshit, flinging¬†his steaming poop at the crowd. Poor Grandma just happened to be within striking distance of the chimp’s airborne green log.

Spoiler alert: It hits her right in the nose.

But because no animal is more cruel and unthinking than man, no one rushes to the hapless golden ager’s aid. Instead, the camera points to her feces-smeared face as onlookers laugh and jeeringly shout, “It got Grandma!”

Oh hell no. Grannie did not live through the Great Depression to put up with this shit.

h/t BroBible