These Grandparents Got High and Listened to Trap Music, and It’s Adorable

Is ‘Trap Queen’ really about Queen Caroline of Ansbach? This stoned grandpa has a theory.

While forcing older generations to endure modern music trends is one of the oldest tricks in the viral playbook, one crafty YouTuber decided to prime his seniors for a review of trap music in a novel way: by getting them stoned as hell.

What follows in this downright endearing video is three blazed grandparents trying to make sense of three trap songs — “Flex” by Rich Homie Quan, “Used To” by 2 Chainz, and, the apogee of trap culture, “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap. “I would say that if you’re in that type of business, it would be fundamental to have a trap queen and a loyal trap queen,” remarks with-it 63-year-old Deborah. Major points for Deborah!

Watch until the end, when our man Doug, 75, offers his theory as to why “Trap Queen” is most likely about Queen Caroline of Ansbach. He may be stoned out of his mind, but just hear him out.