Grimes’ Creepy Video For ‘Flesh Without Blood’ Will Start Your Halloween Week Off Right

Two songs off her upcoming album in one video. How can you go wrong?

Last week’s official news that Grimes’ fourth album Art Angels is coming out soon was pretty damn exciting, but this week is starting off with more Grimes buzz to top it. We now have full confirmation that the album will be released on November 6, along with a video for two brand new songs off of it, “Flesh Without Blood,” and “Life in the Vivid Dream.”

The video was directed and edited by Grimes herself and it’s the perfect way to kick off Halloween week, if you’re into that being a thing that gets kicked off. Backstory: she debuts all of the alter egos she discussed in a recent interview with Stereogum in this video. See if you can pinpoint them all.

Photos by Getty Images/Roger Kisby