Gronk’s Ladies-Only Football Camp Is Exactly What You’d Expect

Booze, button hooks and butt grabbing are all on the agenda. 

Generally, there’s one accepted way for a women to become acquainted with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski—stand within 100 yards of him and allow his natural gravitational pull to yank her into his shirtless torso. Now there’s another! Gronk’s first ever ladies-only football camp will be held on September 18th at Gillette Stadium and thirsty female fans with some cash to burn can buy their way into Gronk’s arms. 

By the sound of it, this “camp” sounds like it’s half football clinic and half frat party. There will be stations set up where participants can work on football skills — but there will also be booze. So much booze in fact that they’re not even letting  women under 21 attend. In addition, there will be games of touch football, that, if we had to guess, will include Gronk recording dozens and dozens of two-hand tackles on attendees.

Tickets range from $199 for the boring Kickoff Package, which includes some souvenirs and a “Gronk-tini” (no word on the ingredients … yet!), to the nearly $3000  “Yo Soy Fiesta” Package. What’s a lady get when she drops three grand to spend three hours with Gronk? Some selfies, dinner and a ride on “The Gronk Party Bus.”  We’re assuming that’s a large vehicle that will provide transportation to the stadium, but this is Gronk, so it could be a ride of a totally different sort. 

Photos by Paul Marotta/Getty Images