Gronk and Shaq Had a Dance-Off and It Was Absolutely Insane

Yeah, you read that right.

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Whoever wrote the song “Party on the Dance Floor” probably never expected a party like this. Shaquille O’Neal and Rob Gronkowski had a dance-off and it was certainly one of the more memorable moments in sports history.

Especially when you have to note that there are still a few people in the world who make Gronk look small, which is something else. 

The sports stars aren’t actually that far apart in height; Shaq is 7’1″ to Gronk’s 6’7″. However Shaq has always just been a big guy in general, and Gronk looks like a kid on his shoulders, which is just a crazy thing to say.

This dance-off for giants took place in SHAQ’S FUN HOUSE, an event with an “over-the-top carnival aesthetic” during Miami Music Week.

Who won? 

All of us. Everybody won.