Grown-Ass Man Steals Hockey Puck Right Out of a Child’s Hands

Fuck this guy. 

At Thursday night’s Penguins game, a young hockey fan and a generous coach briefly connected for what should have been a sweet moment. The cherubic little fellow sauntered down the stadium stairs to the opposing team’s bench and the coach, Dan Bylsma of the Buffalo Sabres, tossed him a puck.

But as the little disc dropped toward the young man’s tiny hands, a old, entitled dickhead reached his mangy paw out and snatched the puck out of the chilly air. Then he smugly shoved it into his pocket like it was his fourth donut from the break room and planted his giant ass back down in his expensive seat.


This kind of thing has happened before and it’s more galling every time. What kind of maladjusted adult snatches not just a souvenir, but joy from the clutches of a child? It’s not like we’re expecting the guy to forgo pleasure for the kid’s sake. No adult should get pleasure from taking home an $8 hockey puck. It’s not like he caught it. It’s not like he was hit in the teeth by it and has a story to tell. It was tossed from the bench. He’s going to take it home, toss it on his dresser and forget about. Meanwhile, the kid would probably sleep with it for the next four years. 

While we’re getting angry, how about some scorn for all those enablers sitting on their hands around this dirt bag? Someone should have said, “Hey hoss, it’s a puck not a honey bun. Give it to the kid.” And maybe someone did. The video ends too soon to tell. 

At leastthe Penguins did something about it. Once they got wind of the misdeed, the home team gave the kid a couple pucks and a jersey. He was thrilled.

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