‘Grand Theft Auto’ Meets ‘Pokémon’ in the Mash Up of Your Dreams

You put ROMAN in the PC.

YouTube is full of people who are constantly working to mash up franchises that one would never think of combining. This melding of the Game Boy Color look of Pokémon and the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto makes me wish that Rockstar would turn their attentions to making a traditional role-playing game.

YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer created scenes featuring: Grand Theft Auto III’s Claude, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’s Tommy Vercetti, CJ Johnson and the Grove Street Families from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Niko and Roman Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV, and Grand Theft Auto V’s Trevor Philips. The Pokémon hallmarks are there too, but instead of Poké Shops there are adorable Ammu-Nations, and instead of Poké Centers to heal, there’re well-mannered prostitutes.

We may never see an actual release of a zany parody adventure like this, but hopefully, it will inspire an indie developer to take a humorous look at Pokémon we can actually play.