GTA Online Lets Players Stalk Each Other and Drive Hearses for Halloween

Welcome to the ride of your (after)life.

Looking for something to play this weekend to get you into the Halloween spirit? Look no further than the old standby, Grand Theft Auto Online, which is all kinds of festive right now.

Players are able to purchase several new vehicles in GTA Online, including the Franken Stage hot rod for $550,000 and the creepy Albany Lurcher hearse for $650,000.

Aesthetic treats aside, there’s an actual game mode that’ll capture your attention quicker than masks or new vehicles. You’ll be able to cruise around the city in spooky style while on the hunt for the Slasher in a chilling new mode that’ll really get you into the Halloween spirit.

Slasher mode pits one player with a shotgun against seven other victims armed only with flashlights. This lasts for three minutes until all the victims have fallen. If there’s anyone left, the roles are reversed for another round where the victims get shotguns to hunt the Slasher down.

Sound terrifying? It is. It’s all part of Rockstar’s Halloween Surprise event for GTA Online, and the festivities will be going on through November 16. A special weekend of events is coming up soon, so you’ll be able to celebrate half the month to come.