‘Grand Theft Auto: VI’ Is Officially Happening

But don’t hold your breath for a release date.

Everyone’s favorite open-world gangster-ridden video game series has a new installment in the works, and considering that Grand Theft Auto: V was a masterpiece, it’s safe to say we’re a little excited.

TechRadar reports that preliminary work on GTA: VI is underway, though any hunches regarding the location, character, plot, and new features of the game come purely from speculation. 

Although game reviews from IGN and other entertainment media praised the original GTA: V and its re-release on next-gen consoles as one of the best games ever made, we know that while it excelled in providing its fans with the combination of gritty violence, cheeky humor, and immersive story line, it left a disappointing amount to be desired in its online game play. 

Any efforts to predict a release date (or release year) would be futile at this point, but Digital Spy tells us not even to think about it until 2018. Until then, you can count on an endless amount of anticipatory predictions shrouding every bit of GTA: VI related news to start right about now. Let the anticipation begin! 

h/t Esquire