‘GTA 5’ and ‘Star Wars’ Unite in This Remake of This Epic Scene From ‘The Force Awakens’

Why are there no science fiction-themed Grand Theft Autos?


Remember that scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens when that one Stormtrooper kicks Finn’s ass? Why was that particular Stormtrooper better than the rest of them? Why did he have an anti-lightsaber weapon when there were supposedly no active Jedi?

Unfortunately, there are no answers to those questions here, but you can see the scene in question again, recreated in Grand Theft Auto V.

YouTuber Adam Pinkman skillfully recreated the scene in the Grand Theft Auto V engine with the help of several useful mods. It’s almost identical to the original scene, which shows just how dedicated Pinkman is. The end has a great twist, too. 

Now if only someone could make a The Fifth Element total conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto V. I would die a happy woman.