Watch the Intense New Trailer For Russia’s Superhero Epic, ‘Guardians’

Russia will invade a theater near you in 2017.

When we saw the first trailer for the new Russian superhero epic Guardians we were pretty stoked over the machine gun-wielding Bear Man.

Now a second English-language trailer has been posted and yes, this looks like a must-see. 

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While America has thoroughly ruled the superhero movie game with too many examples to cite, peeks at this product of post-Soviet Russia promise an experience every bit as striking as something from the Marvel or DC universes. 

Guardians is unique for a foreign film slated to hit the American market. Such films are often so-called “prestige” movies filled with heavy drama or original and unsettling horror films, often from South Korea or Japan. But this Russian tale of a Cold War-born squad of superheroes re-emerging for some kind of Putin-era mission has created buzz usually reserved for big Hollywood summer tent-pole productions.

Many of the old tensions between Russia and much of the rest of the world remain, but we’re still anxious to grab some popcorn and see just what the hell this flick is about. As far as we’re concerned, the man-bear in cargo shorts is probably worth the price of admission alone.

Guardians machine-guns its way into Russian Federation theaters on February 23, 2017, with an American release planned for later the same year.

h/t Collider