Is a Guns N’ Roses Reunion Imminent?​

Hey, “Chinese Democracy” happened, so. . .

Several signs seem to point to some kind of big announcement coming regarding legendary rockers Guns N’ Roses. As noted by the Daily News, the band recently updated its web page to display the group’s original logo. And a mysterious teaser featuring the band’s 1987 mega-hit “Welcome to the Jungle” has been airing before showings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

There are other signs something’s afoot, including an apparent relaxing of long-held tensions between mercurial Guns frontman Axl Rose and guitarist Slash. 

What could it be? A new album? Re-issues? A tour with more than just Axl Rose howling into the November Rain at the front of the stage? 

It’s probably a leap, but there could be deeper meaning behind positioning the “Jungle” teaser in front of showings of the newest Star Wars. After all, Force Awakens is both a continuation of a beloved franchise as well as a sort of reboot after a years-long wait. Could Axl, Slash and co. be planning something similar? 

The stadiums of the world are still standing, guys. They’re ready to rock again.