This Guy Built A Working Game Boy Out of A Refrigerator

What’s cooler than being cool? 

Ever looked at your boring old minifridge and thought “I could totally make a working Game Boy out of that?” Daniel d’Entremont (Mod Purist if you’re nasty) did, and  took it upon himself to turn a run-of-the-mill refrigerator into a functioning Game Boy that also doubles as a nerdy conversation piece.

The Cold Boy, as Daniel calls it, is actually comprised of a Raspberry Pi 2 that uses RetroPie to run several different emulators for a gaggle of retro gaming goodness. He fashioned a screen out of an old computer monitor, used wood to make the face buttons, and then connected them via USB keyboard using tactile switches. Thus, the Cold Boy was born, letting you enjoy a cold one with your favorite retro handheld games.

In the event you want one of your own, Daniel is selling them on his personal blog, which you can find here.