Watch Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds Find Outer Space Terror in ‘Life’ Trailer

More proof that leaving the planet is never a good idea.

If Hollywood’s latest bout of space-bound films has taught us anything, it’s that going out into interstellar orbit is never, ever a good idea.

That’s why in the first trailer for Life, you’ll witness Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds on a far-out trip to discover if life on Mars truly exists, only to then find life on Mars, and then immediately regret that they’ve found life on Mars.

It’s after one of their six-person team seemingly has his hand (or entire arm) ripped off by their recent extraterrestrial discovery that alarms start sounding, and the odds of everyone making it back to Earth begin to decrease.

Throw in some serious brooding from the film’s two main leads, and it sounds like the perfect ingredients for a high-stakes outer space thriller.

Life, directed by Daniel Espinosa, hits theaters on Memorial Day 2017.


Maxim Staff