‘Halloween’ Has an Intensely Creepy After-Credits Scene

Michael Myers lives?

(Photo: YouTube/Paramount Pictures)

(Photo: YouTube/Paramount Pictures)

In the new follow-up to one the scariest movies of all time, Halloween, there’s a secret and super creepy surprise if you can make it through the entire movie and the end credits.

Spoiler alert: stop reading now if you’re really into surprises like this. Otherwise, read on.

UPROXX explains:

The new Halloween — which, again, should not be… you know the rest — gently tweaks the formula by having Michael stabbing and pushing Laurie off the second-floor of her house. She hits the ground with a thud, but when Michael goes to check on her, she’s nowhere to be found. That’s not where the movie ends, though: it’s part of a trap to catch Michael off-guard, and eventually, he gets trapped in a burning basement by Laurie, her daughter Karen, and granddaughter Allyson. The Strode ladies are doing it for themselves (sorry, Toby Huss). Laurie, Karen, and Allyson leave the house while it’s engulfed in flames, with Michael seemingly confined in his fiery tomb.

”In that shot that you’re referring to, if you [could] linger it for another three seconds, you see him,” director David Gordon Green told Polygon about Michael Myers’ fate. 


“Or you don’t see him, you’re more confident in what you’ve seen. I’ll say, it’s a two second shot, which is not enough for you to be confident in what you saw.

“When you see the original film, you hear him breathing and you know that he lives on,” he added.

“Here, when we see the burning house,” Green says, “we actually hear Allyson breathing from the truck where she’s flagged off of a truck driver and she’s breathing heavily, turns, and then we go into the answer to that house and it’s burning, but we’re hearing her breath over it, which depending on what theater you hear it, it’s super subtle.”

Okay, but is Michael Myers really gone or what? According to Green, “Maybe it’s done. Maybe this is the last story. Maybe it’s not.”

C’mon, man.