Watch Halsey Get Down to Her New Single ‘Nightmare’ At a Strip Club

The pop star captioned the clip “#supportsexworkers.”

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Halsey’s streak of steamy videos continues with a strip club performance that’s heating up social media. 

The “Nightmare” singer wore a black leather bodysuit and matching thigh-high boots while she moved to the newly released single in footage posted to her Instagram story. Thanks to a Halsey fan account, we can all watch it endlessly above. 

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The pop star is joined by the club’s exotic dancers in a second clip that included the hashtag “#supportsexworkers.”

As Billboard notes, Halsey received backlash for the post. But she doubled down on her stance in a thread of tweets that appear to have been deleted.   

“Getting a lot of shit because I posted #supportsexworkers on my story last night,” she reportedly wrote. “Just to be clear. I DO support sex workers. I support consenting humans in the field. My statement obviously excludes people forced into sex work. It all comes back to autonomy and choice.

“I notice every day that the conversation surrounding feminism is both bigger but more nuanced than ever with social media as a platform. I try, and I hope you try, to be mindful of cultural and regional differences that complicate the conversation.”

“I always try to listen and educate myself,” she concluded, “but I hope you keep this same energy with all your other favorite artists who have been to a strip club before and your not just attacking me because I said I support the women involved.” 

Halsey herself is definitely putting forth a racy—but decidedly feminist—image. 

The “Nightmare” music video, which has garnered 15.7 million views since its release on May 16, features the artist dressed in a number of head-turning looks as she belts out hard-hitting lines like “No, I won’t smile, but I’ll show you my teeth” and “I’ve been polite, but I won’t be caught dead/Letting a man tell me what I should do in my bed.”

The track is being called her “most daring single to date” with regard to its subject matter and alt-rock-esque sound. 

Whether she’s getting down with exotic dancers or twerking to Lil Nas X’s rap-country crossover hit “Old Town Road,” we’re here for Halsey.