Happy Belated Birthday, JR Smith! Here Are Some Suggestions for What Insane Thing to Do Next!

Everyone’s favorite nutcase is one year older.

Yesterday was Knicks’ star J.R. Smith’s big 2-8 and his brother celebrated by getting the above questionable-at-best tattoo on his back. Although when you consider it, the crazy tattoo is somewhat of a worthy tribute to the crazy that J.R. has so generously brought to the tri-state area since 2012. From taking a seat for five games for violating the NBA’s drug policy to driving a $450,000 military-grade armored vehicle around New York to trying out a Sisqo look (and all of that’s only this offseason), J.R. Smith has done almost all he can do to reach the upper echelon of bat-shittiness. Here are some ways that the former Sixth Man of the Year can up his game this season.

– Refuse to play in anything other than Vibram.

– Spend his 5 game suspension refusing to show up at the stadium and instead live-tweeting the One Direction documentary over and over again every night. 

– Go from pretending to not know who Jason Terry is, to not knowing who ANYBODY is.

– Legally change his last name to “The Pipe” and put it on his jersey.

– Actually get murdered by Mike Woodson. Actually, odds of that are pretty good. Put some money on that if you can.

– Get a pet panda and name it after an early 2000’s sitcom actor. Oh, wait, that already happened.

Happy belated birthday, sweet (and possibly unstable) prince. 

Photos by Instagram/ 3_chrissmith