Watch the First Trailer for ‘Happy Death Day’, the New Horror Flick That’s Like a Sexy and Scary ‘Groundhog Day’

What if you had to re-live the day of your murder for the rest of eternity?

Like the classic comedy Groundhog Day (but with more hot college girls), Happy Death Day offers a captivating conceit: What would you do if you had to live out the same day again and again, in a perpetual time loop?

The catch, however, is that it’s the day you get brutally murdered by a madman wearing a freaky cherub mask.

In Happy Death Day, a sorority girl (Jessica Rothe) must live out that terrifying concept every day. The further she goes to evade her killer, the more far-fetched and deranged her imminent death becomes. 

She soon discovers the only way to stop her recurring death is to identify the man (or woman) behind the mask.

It’s an ode to the classic Bill Murray film and ’80s slasher flicks alike, but with the most bone-chilling rendition of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” to ever be heard.

Happy Death Day hits theaters, when else, on Friday, October 13th.