‘Happy Gilmore’ Has Been Recut Into a Horror Movie and It’s Absolutely Perfect

“If I were you I’d run.”

Video Still

File this under “things that make total sense when you think about them.” Because on seeing Happy Killmore, a trailer cut by Youtuber Joey Thompson from Adam Sandler‘s comedy Happy Gilmore, the dark undercurrents in the comedy are suddenly right in your face. It’s a little like the violent Michael Douglas classic Falling Down but set on golf courses and starring Sandler. 

The original Happy—the story of a hockey player who brings his killer slapshot and hockey temperament into the genteel world of golf—is about a basically good guy. 

After all, he’s using his golf skills to raise money to help his grandmother. He’s also violent and possibly homicidal. 

Maybe it really wasn’t that big a stretch to reconfigure scenes from the comedy into a preview for something feels like a serial killer flick.

It’s pretty easy to watch this and kind of hope someone might consider a reboot from that angle.

The big twist could be having Sandler play the same role.

Hey, we can dream, can’t we? 

h/t Brobible