Get a Glimpse Into the Hard-Partying World of Candyman, the ‘Australian Dan Bilzerian’

This dude goes HARD.

Candyman Promo
Still: YouTube/Candy Shop Mansion

If you think Dan Bilzerian goes hard, wait until you get load of this guy.

On his website, the “Candyman”—real name Travers Beynon—is cited as the owner of Freechoice, an Australian tobacco franchise. Apparently, he’s also “a thinker, a leader and one hell of a boss.” 

An asterisk would denote that the 44-year-old Melbourne native inherited his estimated $40 million fortune from Mom and Dad, but hey, who’s keeping track?

His previous occupations included stints as a soccer player for the North Melbourne Kangaroos and fashion model, but he’s now known for flaunting his outrageously decadent lifestyle on social media.

Wild, drug and booze-fueled bacchanals appear to be a daily occurrence at Beynon’s luxurious pad on the Gold Coast, dubbed the “Candy Shop Mansion.”

Anyone can apply for an invite to one of the tobacco tycoon’s parties, but there’s a catch for female attendees. 

In an act of incredible douchebaggery, he’s begun tattooing “FREECHOICE” right below the waistline of hotties who come to live it up at his pad. Naturally, he ‘grams the finished brands.

Despite being married with four children, the dude also claims to sleep with four women every night, according to an interview with Ocean Road Magazine.

Every one of the Candyman’s 1000-plus Instagram posts tells a story crazier than the last. Love him or hate him, they’re worth a look.

h/t: The Sun