Hell Yeah Nerds, “Myst” Is Becoming a TV Show

The best computer game of the nineties will be coming to Hulu.

If you owned a computer in the nineties, you probably spent some time playing “Myst.” The game, originally introduced in 1993, transports a lone traveler named “The Stranger” to an island, where he has to navigate his way through a surreal world filled with extremely difficult puzzles (well, difficult if you’re eight years old, which I was when I played it) and save it from some treachery. The graphics—dark and sophisticated for that time—and ominous music also made it creepy as hell, which is why 75% of my playing time involved me asking my dad to come hang out and supervise in case I somehow got trapped in the video game. I’m starting to get freaked out again just writing about it.

But I digress, this isn’t about my complicated childhood obsession with and fear of “Myst”—it’s about “Myst” getting a TV adaptation. Deadline is reporting that Hulu picked up a series based on the game, created Matt Tolmach (“Amazing Spider-Man”) and Evan Daugherty (“Divergent”).

In many ways, this makes perfect sense: not only does the game itself unfold like a beautiful, mysterious narrative, it also has an immense cult following driven by sweet nineties nostalgia. Whether or not it will suck is yet to be determined, but one thing is for certain: “Myst” will never die.