Henrik Lundqvist Rocks Out

When he’s not making kick saves, the superstar goalie is a guitar god.

When he’s not making kick saves, superstar goalie Henrik Lundqvist likes to kick out the jams.

How many guitars do you own?

Thirteen or something. My parents bought me my first when I was nine. It was a Cort. I still have it. My brother played the bass and my sister played the drums, so we played a lot.

You were like the Swedish Partridge Family! Which are your most prized axes?

For me it’s not about buying really expensive guitars. I have different ones for different sounds. I have a Gibson Les Paul Classic and a Fender Telecaster that I really like.

Who is your guitar god?

My sister loved Guns n’ Roses and my mom loved Eric Clapton, so Slash and Clapton were two of my favorites growing up.

Would you trade your goaltending skills for their guitar skills?

Oh, that’s a tough one. I really enjoy playing music. I’m never relaxed when I play hockey!

Any other musical Rangers?

No. Brian Boyle, well, likes to sing after a couple of beers.

You recently played a charity concert with John McEnroe. You rocked harder, but he had better guitar faces.

He’s a funny guy. Guitar faces—yeah, I need to work on that.

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