Here’s Cristiano Ronaldo in Disguse Pranking the People of Madrid

Yes, it’s a commercial for headphones, but you should still watch it. 

Viral marketing is an abhorrent practice meant to trick people into watching something fun so they’ll buy something dumb. I hate it. Unless, it’s like this Cristiano Ronaldo video, in which the soccer superstar dresses as a pudgy derelict and juggles a soccer ball in the middle of Madrid without anyone noticing it’s him.

Remember Kyrie Irving’s Uncle Drew videos? The ones where he showed up at a pick-up game dressed like an old man and embarrassed everyone on the court while good looking people drank Pepsi Max in the background? This is like that, only less in your face.You can’t even tell what the ad’s for until the end, when some sure-to-be-overpriced headphones appear on screen and remind you that big-time athletes only do fun things like this when they’re getting paid. 

No matter. This video’s both fun and an opportunity to absorb an important lesson:  Any time you see a vagrant with unbelievable athletic skills, he’s probably a professional in disguise. Walk right up to him and rip his beard off. It’s the only sure way to know.