Here’s How You Can Play A Twin Peaks Game In Your Browser

“One day my log will have something to say about this.”

Twin Peaks fans have much to be excited about in the future, with a new series on the way, but unfortunately much to be sad about as well these days. News of the passing of Catherine E. Coulson (the Log Lady) hit the internet yesterday and brought legions of fans to tears. That’s why it’s the perfect time to honor Coulson and the revival of Twin Peaks with this kitschy browser game called Fire Dance With Me.

Yes, that’s a play on the phrase “fire walk with me,” which Twin Peaks fans will appreciate, and the game itself is a riff on Dance Dance Revolution that places two players head-to-head in a dance-off to a techno-riffic version of the Twin Peaks theme.

You can choose from Special Agent Dale Cooper, Audrey Horne, the Log Lady’s log, or the Little Man who speaks in reverse. The dance floor is the Black Lodge itself, while poor old Leland Palmer is in hysterics in the middle of the screen, wailing for someone to dance with him, as he does.

The game was created as part of the Duplicade video game competition, which asked for several entries all under the stipulations that entries would be no more than 30 seconds long, be compatible with Windows, and close enough to the source material but “cleverly altered and culturally mangled enough to not be worth the effort to sue.”

The end result is a perfect amalgam of the effortless cool and enigmatic Twin Peaks universe, and a great nod to the Log Lady as well as fans around the world. Check out Fire Dance With Me here at its official page. Damn fine game! Damn fine!