This Insane Video Shows How Adam Sandler’s Movies Are All Connected

This guy’s theory is weirdly persuasive.

Adam Sandler single-handedly dominated the comedy universe from the mid-90’s to the late 2000’s with classic side-splitters like Happy GilmoreThe Wedding Singer, Billy Madison, and Big Daddy, but if you were to take a look at his most recent work (we’re talking about you, Grown Ups 2), it’s clear that his comedic genius has been in decline for years. 

But even though Sandler’s film projects aren’t what they used to be, he can still surprise us. Shawn Kohne, a video editing genius who clearly has a lot of time on his hands, managed to dig through every single Sandler films to show just just how they all fit together. In a manic screed, Kohne lays out his theory of a unified ‘Sandlerverse’ where all of the funnyman’s films are collected in subtly intricate ways.

Check out the video yourself and pray that Kohne still has some brain cells left after completing this project.