Here’s Proof That Conor McGregor is the UFC’s Most Unrepentant Heel

The loudmouthed Irish brawler is guilty of one of the biggest automotive sins of all time. 

Is Conor McGregor a dick?

That’s more difficult to answer than it might seem. McGregors’ confident, brash and loud—three qualities that certainly suggest dickishness. But McGregor’s over-the-top shit talking exists in a profession where there’s an incentive to run one’s mouth. If a dentist was out there kissing his own ass like McGregor does, he’d obviously be an asshole. But a professional fighter? Being entertaining is part of the job, whether you’re a pro wrestling villain or a UFC bad boy. 

That said, the possibliy exists that McGregor is in fact a total dick. It’s an opinion we’re moving ever closer to accepting after learning that he parks his fancy ass Mercedes diagonally across two parking spaces. The Wall Street Journaloutted McGregor as a two-space-parker in a profile published Monday and in so doing made the best case yet that McGregor’s act is no act at all.

Here’s the money quote: “Outside the gym is McGregor’s newest car, a midnight-black Mercedes S500 AMG Coupe, which he has parked diagonally, across two spaces, the kind of aggro-alpha maneuver you can only get away with if your name and face are on the building, which McGregor’s are.”

That’s a solid point from writer Jason Gay. McGregor might get a pass since he’s hogging parking spots on his own turf. Still, every well-adjusted person knows that parking your car in two spaces is the height of thoughtless arrogance. The question now is whether McGregor parks like this when he goes to Chipotle. If yes, then chisel it in stone: Conor McGregor is a dick. 

Photos by Bryan Steffy / Getty Images