Here’s What Happens When Bill Murray Crashes Your Bachelor Party

For starters, you have the best story ever.

A group of Boston College alums celebrating one bro’s impending nuptials got quite the surprise over the weekend, when World’s Best Human Bill Murray unexpectedly showed up and gave a toast.

According to Deadspin, the group was dining at a Charleston steakhouse when they learned that the Ghostbusters star was on the premises, and invited him to join their party. He declined. And then, a few minutes later, he simply walked in and gave this epic speech, which – thankfully – someone had the wherewithal to record for the sake of posterity. But why would he do that? Because he’s Bill Murray, and he doesn’t have to explain himself, that’s why.

Watch the above clip for Murray’s possibly alchohol-fueled take on life and love, then go re-watch his cameo in Zombieland, because it is definitive proof that he is the best at everything.